by Crump Media

Who We Are

Andrew writes an informative blog titled Humble Ozarkian. You will see a lot of his stuff on our site because Vance and Matt are lazy and not as good of writers. Andrew also directs, produces, and shoots videos…well, that is what he went to school for. Andrew is probably the best rapper of the four.

Matt is a dork. Matt’s dorkiness is invaluable. He quickly commands web development as if it was a stray dog and he was Cesar Millian.  Matt is a funny young man, but probably the worst rapper of the four.

Vance specializes in little but has practical knowledge of a lot. Vance could launch a social media campaign for you if you need it, but so can a lot of people.  Vance doesn’t take himself too seriously, but can be serious if needed. Vance is the third best rapper of the four.

Chris is listed last here. Not because he is the least skilled, but rather we had to beg him to join our team. Chris specializes in video production, and shoots film with the same skill that he shoots full beers out of the air like clay pigeons with potatoes in his mouth (this is true, however he doesn’t skeet shoot film). In addition to a short rap career with Andrew, Chris has also worked on feature films, made award winning short films, and done professional commercial work. Chris is the second best rapper of the four.